Capacity building

A calendar of WEAVE events programmed for Winter-Spring 2022 has focus on capacity building. The effort is devoted to both cultural heritage institutions, via a series of Europeana WEAVE events to support a more diverse and inclusive cultural heritage sector. Additionally, various capacity building workshops with the cultural communities directly linked with the project and CHIs, led by C-DARE Coventry University will explore ways of improving communities’ engagement with tangible and intangible heritage.

In the introductive video below, Prof. Fred Truyen Programme Director for the MA Digital Humanities, at CS Digital – KU Leuven – is presenting the Capacity Building strand of the WEAVE project.


19 April 2022

h. 13.00 – 14.30 UK time
Archives and the Dancing Body

Archival practices and how they relate and reveal processes of knowing is relevant to current discussions within the  cultural heritage sector. This LabDay will present 4 different dance archives and move beyond sharing the technical and artistic aspects of the projects, to opening up discussion about access and inclusivity.
22 April 2022

h. 10 – 11.30 UK time
The Friends Families and Travellers LabDay- Crystal’s Vardo

For this WEAVE LabDay a discussion will start after the restaging of a the performance Crystal’s Vardo to reflect on racism, bullying and the value of  generating teacher’s resources.  Participants will see excerpts of the work,  meet part of the cast, have access to the teacher’s materials and ask the team questions about how to implement this work in their settings.