The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) aggregated for the first time content to Europeana from Roma about Roma. 

In fact, when navigating Europeana’s collections, Roma heritage and arts resulted under represented so far, thus determining a bias in the representativity of Europeana content as for the diversity of European cultures and communities. Some scanned documents and images in black and white existed, but these mostly featuring ethnographic content, and aggregated by traditional institutions without the involvement of a Roma community representation. Also, the lack of contemporary collections about Roma perpetuated the idea of Roma as passive elements of cultural and artistic contributions to history and society, thus not giving justice to the richness and vitality of this community and its heritage and creative values. 

For this reason, in order to enrich the diversity of Europeana content and to foster better representation of the Roma community, ERIAC aggregated and published for WEAVE an exclusive collection of images and videos showcasing Roma-related exhibitions and artworks, and interesting materials sourced from conferences, symposiums, political events, concerts, lectures, projects where Roma artists, contributors, scholars, politicians and experts are also featured. An added value for the quality of this brilliant collection is the license of such copyrighted materials, that allows for reuse in educational context

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