Events with communities

An additional series of events organized by C-DARE Coventry University explores different types of capacity building actions for empowering cultural communities with various approaches to cultural heritage and education.

Below is a summary of the past events, containing links to the recordings. Alternatively you can access the recordings from this Youtube playlist.

10 February 2022
Roma: Recycle Reuse Reimagine: Co-Production with artists, Roma women and families

Co-producing a children’s book and using art to explore climate justice with vulnerable communities. This Capacity Building LabDay explored the importance of co-creation.
23 February 2022Dance, Archives, Disability and Ablebodiedness

Archives, dance, disability and ablebodiedness raises several questions that need to be more explored in terms of narratives, language and equality.
16 March 2022

h. 10.00 – 11.15 am UK time
WEAVE’s 3D modelling tools, ICH and the SCHEDAR project LabDay

This LabDay will bring together the WEAVE and SCHEDAR team members and the event will discuss how each project envisages making ICH content digitally available to facilitate the preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage while
also ensuring that the development of technology develops in accordance with and aligns with the needs of key stakeholders.
18 March 2022

h. 9.45 – 11.00 am UK time
Importance of Films and Visuals within the Roma Recycle Project 

The Capacity Building LabDay will describe the process of generating inclusive, multilingual materials for schools and families to use on the theme of recycling.
29 March 2022

h. 10.00 – 11.30 am UK time
AILEY and Curating Screendance into festivals

This LabDay speaks to some of the following questions:
• Lack of dance films in film festivals – is there a need for curating more dance-related content?
• Lack of diversity in the Cultural heritage sector- Black and African Diaspora dance community is under represented… how can we challenge this reality?
• Using dance films and curatorial techniques to open up spaces to explore intersectionality through dance
19 April 2022

h. 13.00 – 14.30 UK time
Archives and the Dancing Body

Archival practices and how they relate and reveal processes of knowing is relevant to current discussions within the  cultural heritage sector. This LabDay will present 4 different dance archives and move beyond sharing the technical and artistic aspects of the projects, to opening up discussion about access and inclusivity.
22 April 2022

h. 10 – 11.30 UK time
The Friends Families and Travellers LabDay- Crystal’s Vardo

For this WEAVE LabDay a discussion will start after the restaging of a the performance Crystal’s Vardo to reflect on racism, bullying and the value of  generating teacher’s resources.  Participants will see excerpts of the work,  meet part of the cast, have access to the teacher’s materials and ask the team questions about how to implement this work in their settings.
5th May 2022
16.00-18.00 CET 
WEAVE/OneDanceUK Fundraising 101: Operating as a Global Majority Fundraiser in 2022 

Produced in collaboration with OneDanceUK, this capacity-building event/webinar aimed at supporting UK-based Global Majority dance artists to better understand the current UK fundraising landscape and to discover how to navigate their own narrative of being a Global Majority practitioner when creating a case for support. The event enabled participants to gain an overview from the Arts Council England (ACE) on Project Grant pathways (guest speaker: Will Southworth) and hear from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CiOF) about their RAISE programme (guest speaker: David Mbaziira). Guest speakers also included inclusive fundraising expert and co-founder of The Women of Colour Global Network, Haseena Farid. The event aimed to support participants to build confidence and knowledge and, most importantly, join the conversation on how to weave the vital experiences, identities, and expertise of  Global Majority communities into potentially successful funding bids. The event was live BSL translated and close-captioned.