The content selected by WEAVE content providers for publication in Europeana Collections portal showcases the richness and variety of digital representation of tangible and intangible heritage. Matching the high criteria of content and data quality required in the Europeana Publishing Framework, and fully available for educational and other types of reuse, these collections are a great resource for any interested user relating to the rich and invaluable cultural heritage of cultural communities, and will also be showcased in a set of engaging editorials and a virtual exhibition on Europeana.

The collections aggregated in WEAVE are very varied, in content and in item types. The content aimed to cover tangible and intangible cultural heritage material, thus offering digital items of built heritage, artworks, posters, historical photographs and representation of traditional practices from different communities. Among the content aggregated in Europeana by WEAVE we can find monuments, daguerreotypes, photographic prints, contemporary art, music, dance, processions, folklore, and various audiovisual materials that relate to different cultural and minority communities, also including contemporary and somatic practice materials, and conversation with academics and communities’ representatives. The item types include images, videos, audio files and a selection of 3D content that comprises existing models of Slovenian castles, which were digitized by ARCTUR in the context of national projects, and reproductions of fragile daguerreotypes, specifically digitized in the context of WEAVE by CRDI, at top quality and published open access.

This wealth of materials enriches Europeana in the three directions:

  • more high quality items, matching the EPF tiers in content and metadata, to expand the Europeana collections
  • varied and representative content from different countries, to showcase the richness of European heritage of local communities and minorities
  • more 3D records, to preserve built heritage and heritage at risk, which is in line with EC recommendation.
PédeXumbo – Associação para a Promoção
da Musica e da Dança
Videos of traditional Portuguese dancesExplore
ERIAC – European Roma Institute for
Arts and Culture
Videos and photographs about Romani cultural heritageExplore
CRDI Ajuntament De Girona – Centre
De Recerca I Difusió De La Imatge
Photographs and videos of Casteller;
3D digitized daguerreotypes
C-DARE Centre for Dance Research,
Coventry University
Podcasts on engaging communities; videos and images
about historical and contemporary dance
ARCTUR3D models of Slovenian castelsExplore
TopFotoImagery and heritage photographs of various minority
communities and intangible cultural heritage events
Additional collections
that were used in the project
Misteri di Trapani from Promoter Digital Gallery

Contemporary artworks from ECHO II Creative Europe project