Below a list of our public papers and documents:

  • WEAVE case study: Daguerreotypes in 3D – Download
  • White Paper “Digital Transformation of Intangible Cultural Heritage” – Download
  • Methodological Framework for community engagement – Download
  • Report on community engagement activities – Download
  • Scientific paper: paper “Integrating 3D Objects in Multimodal Video Annotation” at IMX, the ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences – Download
  • WEAVE Best Practices and Guidelines for Community Management – Download
  • One-Pager: Ailey and curating screendance into festivals – Download
  • One-Pager: Archives and the Dancing Body – Download
  • One-Pager: Dance and Ablebodyness – Download
  • One-Pager: Importance of Films and Visuals within the Roma Recycle Project – Download
  • One-Pager: Roma Recycle Reuse Reimagine: Co-Production with artists, Roma women and families – Download
  • One-Pager: The Friends, Families and Travellers (FFT) LabDay – Crystal’s Vardo – Download
  • One-Pager: WEAVE -OneDanceUK Fundraising 101: Operating as a Global Majority Fundraiser in 2022 – Download
  • One-Pager: WEAVE’s 3D modelling tools, ICH and the SCHEDAR project – Download