Coventry University

One of the principal aims of the WEAVE project has been to develop a suitable framework linking the tangible and intangible heritage of cultural communities. To support this, the project has collected thousands high-quality digitised records representing tangible and intangible heritage from various Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHIs), cultural communities, associations, and archives, for publication and sharing in Europeana. As part of their effort, the C-DaRE Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University, who is the lead partner for the capacity building and communities engagement activity (Act. 1) also collected a number of interesting records from various sources to showcase different types of contemporary collections with heritage values, that benefit from publication in Europeana as a modern strategy to showcase and value these collections more widely, along with a set of engaging editorials and virtual exhibitions published online. 

The aggregated records include: dance videos from the Early Dance Circle; podcasts episodes by choreographer Jonathan Burrows; images and videos from the Bamberger Dance Projects; the recordings of Yellow Couch Convos Roma Podcast, dedicated to discuss Roma art and culture in the past and today; multimedia content from the Dancing Bodies in Coventry project; and finally high quality and rare materials from the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network. 

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