Publishing in Europeana

High quality of digital cultural content is very important for WEAVE project, to enable user engagement, storytelling and educational reuse with communities’ cultural content.

Embracing in full the Europeana Publishing Framework, the project will deliver online, for publication in the Europeana Collections Portal, a wealth of varied cultural materials in different formats (images, videos, 3D), licensed openly or with creative commons labels, for allowing lawful reuse.

Partner Photoconsortium, in its role of Accredited Aggregator for Europeana, is providing support to content partners in meeting the quality standards of the Europeana Publishing Framework.

The technical assistance to enable mapping of the partners’ data to the Europeana Data Model is provided by partner ThinkCode.

Quality of the data (digital file)
Quality of the metadata (information that is associated to the digital file)
Reuse allowed
Europeana Guide to accurately label digital cultural heritage
  • Guide and Q&A that explain, step by step, how to answer copyright questions to accurately label digital cultural heritage
  • Visual step-by-step Flow Chart