In response to one of WEAVE’s central research questions, ‘What open and reusable digital tools can be developed for working with Cultural Heritage content?’, the Coventry University team has been tasked with building up the capacity of CHIs to work with digital intangible heritage and with cultural communities. We will produce practices and guidelines for CHIs concerning community engagement and management, materials for training, considering the available tools for social transformation and negotiation strategies. To accomplish this, we will be developing a WEAVE methodological framework. This will specify hands-on methodologies, building on the LabDay methodology used in the CultureMoves Europeana Generic Service project for communities to engage with project activities and to select the content and collections to be aggregated. The LabDay framework is underpinned by Communicative Methodology (CM), a sociological method that aims to cross social, cultural and linguistic boundaries. This framework enables an open, egalitarian dialogue between researchers and participants; it is a collaboratively-held space where all voices are acknowledged and valued and stakeholders can reflect together on their needs, desires and various forms of participation.

This bottom-up approach will enable cultural communities to themselves become a driver for the WEAVE Toolkit, developing from their bespoke needs concerning the management of their intangible and tangible heritage. The programme of LabDays is coordinated by COVUNI and includes a first series with a range of diverse and engaging events organized by WEAVE partners, either online, live on location and with streaming.

A second series of events, programmed for Spring 2022, will have a focus on capacity building. We expect that there will be three capacity building workshops with the  cultural communities directly linked with the project and CHIs, led by KU Leuven. In addition to all this, there will also be a series of three Europeana WEAVE cafés on 11, 18 and 25 February 2022. The Europeana WEAVE café is a series for cultural heritage professionals on the topics of diversity and inclusion. These sessions will provide an opportunity to the participants to get a better understanding and inspire each other on how cultural institutions can support a more diverse and inclusive sector. These sessions will be carefully planned and moderated by WEAVE partners with the support of Europeana Diversity Inclusion Cross-Team to ensure attendees have a safe space for informal and truthful conversations.

LabDays Calendar

Coordination by the C-DARE team at Coventry University

1st October 2021
h. 11-12.30 CEST

Digital Innovation of Cultural Heritage [3D Modelling of Cultural Heritage]

via Zoom
ARCTUR, University of Lisbon, IN2, COVUNI
11th October 2021
h. 9-11 CEST

Roma Self-representation in Biennale Archives

live event in Venice (Italy), video streaming available
18th October 2021
h. 11-12.30 CEST

Presenting Europeana

via Zoom
with Photoconsortium and KU Leuven
21st October 2021Innovative solutions and inspiring practices: RomaMoMA at CIMAM Webinar ERIAC
5th November 2021Second International Conference “Safeguarding Our Romani Language” ERIAC
15th November 2021Mastros Tradicionais,
cultural practice in the municipality of Odemira, Southern Portugal
17th November 2021 (TBC)Poetry and PhotoTopFoto
24th November 2021Castellers in the WorldCRDI – Ajuntament de Girona
27th November 2021Workshop of Portuguese Dances at Festival Desdobra-te’21PédeXumbo
3rd December 2022Early Dance LabDayCoventry University,
Centre for Dance Research, C-DaRE
and the Early Dance Circle (EDC)
28th January 2022Castellers PerformancesCRDI – Ajuntament de Girona