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WEAVE’s 3D modelling tools, ICH and the SCHEDAR project LabDay

  • Date: 16th March 2022
  • Time: 10-11.15 UK, 11-12.15 CET
  • Venue: Online (Zoom)
  • Language: English

Computing advances and 3D digitization of human motion and systems provide challenges for the novice and software can be expensive and inaccessible to some end users. With this in mind, the SCHEDAR team and developers are committed to devising a set of guidelines and frameworks for tools that influence existing ICH motion databases.

Within WEAVE, dance is central to our work and ICH is an important component of the 3D modelling research questions. Within the SCHEDAR project, the team is equally as interested in dance and involves researchers, dance experts and non-specialist members of the society that have an interest in learning how to dance. This research method aligns with our WEAVE LabDay methodology, and the crossovers in both projects facilitate conversations that consider and include the non-expert general public to be able to engage intuitively with dance content.  

This LabDay brought together the WEAVE and SCHEDAR team members and the event discussed how each project envisages making ICH content digitally available to facilitate the preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage while also ensuring that the development of technology develops in accordance with and aligns with the needs of key stakeholders.

About SCHEDAR: Safeguarding the Cultural HEritage of Dance through Augmented Reality:

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick

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