The consortium created for WEAVE is properly balanced and composed of partners with complementary expertise and well-aligned organisation priorities that match the objectives of the project and also understand Europeana, its principles and strategy.

The consortium perfectly covers the broad mix of stakeholders that are needed to successfully undertake such a project: cultural community representatives, content holders, innovative SMEs as technology providers, research organisations focused on ICT and scholars working in the area of cultural communities and heritage, complemented with an accredited Europeana aggregator and the Europeana Foundation.

Thus consortium partners span the entire value chain including partners with long term expertise in the collection, preservation and curation of intangible cultural heritage and the heritage of cultural communities at risk, some of which also having academic relevance in the interpretation and consideration of the value of these resources in the landscape of European heritage.

As an added value, all the partners are included in wide networks of cultural heritage communities both locally and internationally, thus offering the opportunity to easily reach bigger and smaller cultural institutions for project awareness, dissemination and network-building.