Europeana Blogs

WEAVE has showcased the rich intangible heritage of communities in a series of blog posts published on Europeana:

Behind the scenes of WEAVE Editorial plan

The methodology to devise this set of engaging articles, coupling stories with targeted selections of records, was data-driven and community-oriented. As for data, the partner collections to be contributed over the course of WEAVE, operated as a lighthouse: each of the blogs was centered around a theme emerging from the new content. Secondly, a good balance between project partner’s collections was envisaged, as well as a seamless merge with existing Europeana content.

As WEAVE is a pioneering project in the context of Europeana when it comes to addressing Intangible Cultural Heritage, the partners also saw it fit to provide a broader framework for understanding. Two of the blogs therefore focus on setting the scene, by discussing the 5 domains of intangible heritage as proposed by UNESCO, and by raising awareness on the ‘why’ of digitising and preserving collections that are – from a material point of view – ‘untouchable’.